A helping hand
during crisis

One of the most important steps towards getting to wherever it is you want to go is having the right information on hand. That’s why we offer advice, information and guidance from expert, trained advisers as part of our core services to the community.

Crisis support

Support, advice and guidance


Support by staff & volunteers

Our staff and our dedicated volunteers, provide extensive support for clients with issues around welfare benefits, tax credits and universal credit


What you need to know

Providing every little help in understanding how the latest government policy changes are going to impact you and your family


Planning to achieve

Helping you to decide what steps you need to take to secure your future ambitions, by providing the advice you need, at the time you need it - which is crucial to a successful outcome

Services backed by committment

Our trained and experienced staff offer confidential and impartial one-to-one advice and guidance in English and also in other languages like Tamil, Bengali, Urdu (with interpreters) in: 

  • Application assistance to Universal Credit ( Online application)
  • Welfare guidance
  • Financial inclusion ( Money Management) Please note we do not offer Debt Advice, but after assessment of your case, if appropriate we refer users to our to our partner organisation ( Bonny Downs community Association Debt Advice) 
  • Better off Calculations
  • Educational / vocational training
  • European Union Settlement Scheme (We do not offer immigration advice, but digital assistance provided to apply online for those who cannot apply online)

We can help you to increase personal and family income by supporting you to access the welfare you are entitled to. We take into account your needs, challenges and aspirations and work with you to reach a positive conclusion. 

We support people to overcome the challenges they face, make informed decisions and move towards a more stable and secure future. We are creating communities that are ready, knowledgeable and able to identify and overcome barriers.

Improving quality of life

We also help those who are on low incomes, if you are struggling to understand your benefits entitlement or need help to know how and what to claim, we can help.


Our staff will give impartial and confidential help with benefits and welfare to people living, working or studying in Newham.


The Direct Gov website has a benefits section that contains information on all the types of benefits and criteria for eligibility. 


Turn2us have produced an online benefits calculator tool to help you check your entitlement for certain benefits.

We are a very small team and this service is not fully funded yet. If you would like to book an advice appointment, please either call us at 020 8470 9838 between 10 and 11.30 am or email us any time at support@skillsenterprise.co.uk .

We will ensure that you get an appointment based on the waiting list. If for any reason we are unable to see you, we will refer you to other partner organisations
for the appropriate service.

Foodbank Vouchers
We provide food bank vouchers to Newham residents and signpost on to Newham distribution centres. To receive a voucher, please come to Skills Enterprise, Bonny Downs Church, Monday from 10am - 11am for assessment to receive a Food Bank voucher. 

Bonny Downs Church
18 Darwell Close
(Off Flanders Road)
East Ham, London E6 6BT

Contact us 
Phone: 020 8470 9838

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