No end to poverty without financial inclusion

Making sure everyone has the access and skills
to use the right financial services for them

Financial inclusion

Our programmes show how digital can empower
people to build their financial capability


Right now

8.5 million people in the UK would struggle immediately if their income
were to stop


Creating a balance

A financially inclusive society ensures those who are in work are able to manage their wages and those out of work are able to effectively budget their benefits.


Manging effectively

We believe that everyone should have equal access to financial services and be supported to develop basic financial skills, enabling them to manage their money, regardless of income, age or circumstance.

What are we doing about it?

The clear link between financial exclusion and issues such as poverty, inequality, and social exclusion means that Skills Enterprise along with the support from Good Things Foundation and the Online Centres Network are committed to making a difference in this field.

  • Working in partnership with the public, private & community centres and charities is key to our approach. 
  • We routinely engage people in need of guidance through the Universal Credit and Find a Job systems.

Providing advice on budgeting skills and dealing with debt through the Money My Way financial management learning programme.

We are determined to work towards a vision of full financial inclusion for our local community, through our help from our lovely volunteers (qualified money mentors) and staff at our centre (and online learning).

Participation with outcomes

We aim to ensure that everyone is able to access the basic financial services products that are needed
to participate in a modern society. This includes - 

Regain self esteem

Money Management Skills and financial knowhow helps obtain housing, freedom & regain self-esteem that stands battered by the experience of their homelessness

Advice & guidance

Helping residents to maximise household income through welfare and benefits advice

Help & signpost

Facilitating access to affordable credit and budgeting advice, enable access to online banking and financial services.

Fuel poverty

Helping to reduce fuel poverty

Power of partnerships

Sign posting or referral to Bonny Downs Debt Advice service and or other Debt advice providers


Helping to sustain those in low paid employment by removing financial barriers.

Get the grips

Getting to grips with a computer, laptop and mouse

Go online

Using the internet, online forms and email


Online safety

Get hired

Job hunting online

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