A day centre 

for homeless and vulnerably housed adults in Newham

In April 2014, Skills Enterprise along with two other local charities, Bonny Downs Community Association (Lead partner) and the NewWay project launched a day centre for homeless and vulnerably housed adults in Newham.

Our outreach team were based at the Bobby Moore Sports Pavilion and now at Salvation Army, provides a wide range of year round support services that helps people move forward out of crisis, increase their resilience and successful transition into their new life away from the streets.

The New Day Project is currently open at Salvation Army on Monday and Tuesday and at Bobby Moore Sports Pavilion on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 08:30 - 14:30.

We work with a wide range of partner agencies (including CGL, Praxis, NHS Transitional Practice) and volunteers to help people overcome their crisis situation and also address the other issues that hold them back, especially digital exclusion.  

Our current programme includes free access to: showers, laundry facilities, laptops and nutritious lunches, housing advocacy, debt/benefits advice, job search support, help with new/lost NI number and IDs, basic and employment related online training, healthy cooking workshops, gardening and signposting.

The outreach project has helped and supported more than two hundred users since 2018 and we look forward to extend our services to our community and we are thankful to our partner consortiums. 

About us

What we do & how we do it? 


A model that works

Our focus is on supporting disadvantaged people, adults and families who can be hard to reach through conventional statutory service support. Our approach is therefore based on three key principals.



Making it easy for people to access support by bringing services together and delivering a friendly and sensitive service locally.


Integrated Services

Offering a broad holistic range of services so people can find help for both their most immediate problems and longer term deep-seated issues.


Long Journeys

Encouraging people to gradually build up the skills and confidence they need to progress in life and build a positive future for their families.

Each month, we support over 20 people to learn new skills, find employment, improve their health and wellbeing and develop the confidence to achieve their goals.

Improving quality of life

by providing support, skills & guidance


Improving education and welfare opportunities for local people


Reducing levels of poverty, improving quality of life & support to those who need it the most


Encouraging local people to engage with their community and to play an active role in issues relevant to their lives.

Bonny Downs Church
18 Darwell Close
(Off Flanders Road)
East Ham, London E6 6BT

Contact us 
Phone: 020 8470 9838

Registered Charity No: 1120 254
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