Tech for Young people

Proud to have created a space to create, learn, collaborate
and innovate with new technologies

Tech for young people

Promoting increased self confidence and friendships across cultures and teach technology
which some might not be able to access outside as its expensive nature. 


From a young age

Young people from 6 years + are invited to discover and try new technologies


Learn & imagine

Learn programming, 3D/2D Digital Skills , Animation and 3D modelling, experiment with virtual reality, circuits and robots, explore STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)


Opening avenues

After-school activities that support hard to reach children. Our project offers trust and opportunity to children who experience little of this. 

A safe and fun place with the right support to learn game development, animation, Python, 3D printing, coding

With Digital Design and D&T related projects/resources being an essential component of general education and job skills for young people and adults of all ages, it is key that digital and vocational skills are readily made available to as many demographics as possible. 

Digital skills for change

Children can see the future further education in the industry which will help them get high paid jobs and break the cycle of poverty
faced by their parents. 

  • While it is difficult to justify, there is a school of thought that contends that if adequate provision is not made to increase the number of young people and adults studying D&T it could lead to economic disaster.  
  • It is a firm view, (held by many experts),  that this can be achieved by improving the quality and real world value of what is currently being taught and delivered.
  • We have successfully positioning our organisation’s profile, staff and resources to take the lead on making this happen across all the demographic groups you work with in Newham and beyond.
  • We are looking for funding to help run the project for young people. 

Our project will provide a space for young people to learn the basics of games, applications, which academics say is really easy for our children to learn if right teaching, material and opportunity is given. 

With expertise, resources, safe and relaxing environment this is a real positive outcome for us. We will be able to close or at least reduce the attainment gaps for children in poverty.

Providing future skills that will allow young people explore emerging tech like - Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, data science etc.

Young people succeeding in future jobs

We have programs that provide skills in -

3D model & design, scanning & printing

DTP & graphic design

Web design & development

Games design & development

Video, VFX & multimedia design

VR/AR/MR, (immersive Tech)

Makercraft & Electronics

Coding / Robotics & 101 Core Skills Training

We are looking for funding to help us deliver our Tech Club for Hard to reach children. Also if you are a Tech based company or a community centre or charity and looking to partner with us please contact us.. 

The focus

is to get young people quickly up to speed with core skills, best practices, workflow process and required tasks

Bonny Downs Church
18 Darwell Close
(Off Flanders Road)
East Ham, London E6 6BT

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Phone: 020 8470 9838

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