Essential to improving people’s quality of life

We facilitate a wide range of events and celebrations
that are local, national and international

Community cohesion

We celebrate different religious and non religious special times


Function & growth

Our Community cohesion describes the ability of all communities to function and grow in harmony together rather than in conflict.



Building communities where people feel confident that they belong and are comfortable mixing and interacting with others, particularly with people from different ethnic backgrounds or people of a different faith.


Long term

Viewed from outside, a cohesive community is one in which people will want to live and invest.

Our regular community cohesion activities provide positive and engaging activities so that users can feel a sense of belonging.

Celebrating culture

Connecting people with their wider community -offering services like community cooking, cinema together, community breakfast, cultural celebrations.

Participate & celebrate

Provide opportunities for people from different backgrounds to get involved together and will go a long way in helping to break down barriers.


We use our everyday activity platform to share learning with each other about different beliefs and cultures.

Local Communities are warmly welcomed and involved in for instance, Eid and Christmas parties and Christmas Celebrations.

All our celebrations and events are all organised by our local community people along with our lovely volunteers. In this way we celebrate modern British values and an appreciation and respect for the diversity in our local community and in modern Britain. 

One community

We have been promoting the idea of a ‘One Community’ for the past three years. Life in One Community aims to celebrate the different cultures that exist alongside each other while, at the same time, encouraging people to think of themselves as being part of one community,


Promoting mutual understanding between people of different ages, abilities, backgrounds, faiths and cultures


Empowering people from different backgrounds to take part in fun and educational activities together 


Creating a sense of belonging among those living in Newham engaging and supporting young people in the borough


addressing any social tensions or conflicts.

Bonny Downs Church
18 Darwell Close
(Off Flanders Road)
East Ham, London E6 6BT

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Phone: 020 8470 9838

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