A safe space for women to get involved

encouraging young women to understand, celebrate and participate in democracy and public life, using digital as an enabler

Voice Box Cafés

We still have a long way to go to before our politics and democracy
are truly inclusive and representative of our society


More than just voting

Young women who got involved with the project learnt that there is much more to democracy than voting.


The journey ahead

Only 32% of MPs are women and only 26% of Members of the House of Lords are women. We still have a long way to go to before our politics and democracy are truly inclusive and representative of our society.

This project has highlighted how a blended approach of community engagement using digital as an enabler is at least part of the solution.

Know & learn

90% of the participants in this project now understand democracy in the UK and 84% say they are likely to take part in democratic processes.

Participate & celebrate

From setting up e-petitions to forming a party manifesto, there was an incredible amount of learning, participation and celebration which took place over the year.

Together, we have discovered a scalable way to unleash the energy and talents of young women leaders of the future. Voicebox Cafés has demonstrated its potential to grow and continue to empower a new more diverse generation of kind and thoughtful political and civic leaders. A glimmer of hope for the future in these uncertain political times!

Our contribution

We joined in marking 100 years of the women’s vote with the Women’s Centenary funded Voicebox Cafés project

During 2018, Good Things Foundation was funded by the Government Equalities Office to deliver activities to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Representation of the People Act and Qualification of Women Act.

They created Voicebox Cafes as an innovative, nationwide project to engage young women through a programme of activities covering education, participation and celebration of UK democracy.

  1. The power to do - In delivering the Voicebox Cafes we aimed to provide safe, creative and well-facilitated spaces to engage with young women, enabling them to explore democracy and their own power to support, challenge and change.
  2. Integrated approach - We delivered the project using a blended community and digital approach which was integrated right across the project from the learning resources to social media campaigns. It provided invaluable tools to help the participants’ voices reach more people, and offered opportunities for spread and scale. Women learned about the value of connecting with local MPs, influencers and online political materials such as e-petitions.
  3. Reaching all - Voicebox Cafes supported women to build their own and each other’s confidence in speaking out on issues that matter to them and discover how to use their democratic voice to the full. Reaching deep into local communities, our project focused on women who have traditionally not engaged in democracy and civil life to enable them to join forces and amplify their voice.
  4. Outcomes - 39 women were involved and the percentage who understand democratic processes increased from 27% to 92%, and the percentage who are likely to participate in democratic processes increased from 28% to 85%.”

Delivery strategy

We delivered our project by using the three separate resources


Elections and voting, and shows how women fought for the right to vote in the UK


How you can make a change about things that
matter to you


Enabled us to celebrate marking 100 years since women got the vote

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